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 "I enjoyed this album from start to finish with powerful vocals and excellent guitar work in addition to a amazing performance, creative songwriting talent and a superb recording."  
- Oasis Entertainment on Bodega Flowers

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MARK DUDA shines on his debut full-length album BODEGA FLOWERS, which journalist and musician Phil Mitchum praises as a “transformative album from a generational songwriter.” Set for release July 29, 2022, BODEGA FLOWERS is an emotional journey packed with characters, experiences, and swagger straight from Manhattan’s lower east side. MARK DUDA seamlessly blends all of the NY flavors he’s soaked up over the years, from Dion to Lou Reed, The NY Dolls, the Dead Boys, and beyond, bringing his own signature update to the New York rock and roll sound and continuing to forge the musical identity he first introduced with his Month of Sundays EP from 2017.

New Album
Bodega Flowers


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